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Y1KA03VMulti LED Lamp 30W

Multi LED Lamp 30W

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Brand justnail
Packing Unit




  Y1KA03V 30W MULTI LED LAMP/ Professional & High Performance with Full Coverage of UV Spectrum.

MULTI LED bulbs are embedded separated UV/LED wavelength bulbs to offer full support for both traditional UV and LED Gels.

It's a convenient and comprehensive option for professional nail artists. There are many advantages to choose justnail LED lamp. Easy reading LCD display, convenient auto-sensor and long life time. Besides, it can shorten curing time than ever.

It's a trending and economic solution for professional artists who care efficiency.

The new version is equipped with two concealed corner posts, which can increase the height of the lamp opening when needed, so there is no trouble to cure the toes.

Professional High Performance

1- Auto-timing-countdown function for 10/30/60 sec

2- Long average life time up to 20,000 hours

3- Universal AC adapter for 100-240V

4- Auto-sensor makes bulbs starting automatically

5-Protect eyes device: the sliding shield avoids the UV light leakage.

6-LCD operation status display.

  1.Choose the time and push the button to ON and the blue indicator ligh on the top of the machine will illuminate.

2.When the power ON light is illuminating, please place your hand onto the tray.

3.Close the sliding shield to avoid the LED light leakage.

4.The lamp has an auto-timing-countdown function for the set time. If the light goes out, please push the power ON button again.

For toenails, please remove the bottom tray from the lamp, pull out the hidden post and place the toenails in the area with blue light and repeat steps 1-4.

Due to the special design of this device, please enter your hand inside the lamp right in the middle and adjust the fingers to a suitable position while curing gels.

If stretching fingers too excessively, there might be some
gel couldn???be cured completely, please note it.

Color: Rose Gold
Wavelength: 360-410 nm
Output power:12V / 2.5A
Number of bulbs:18
Size:240 x 190 x 110 mm
Weight:990 g
Timer:10 / 30 / 60 seconds
Accessory: Universal AC adapter
Illuminate Sensor:Auto Sensor
Accessory: Universal AC adapter
Input power:100V~240V 50/60Hz
Output power:12.0V 2.5A
Please note that information in this instruction may be changed without notice.



1.Unplug LED Light when not being used.

2.DO NOT use LED Light in or around water.

3.DO NOT look directly into LED Light. Be sure toclose the sliding shield before turning on the light.

4.Certain cosmetics or prescriptive lotions can cause sensitivity to LED Light. Discontinue use immediately.

5.DO NOT overexpose the nails or the skin to LED Light.

6.DO NOT use gels that are not formulated to cure in LED Light. It might result in severe chemical burn.




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