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HCA031HNC Top Gel Polish 7ml

HNC Top Gel Polish 7ml

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Brand HNC
Packing Unit PCE




  HNC Top Gel Polish is a thin finishing gel that has no tacky residue after cured. Use over all artificial nails systems and color gels for the brightest finish available.
  How to use:
1. Apply a coat of HNC Gel Polish-Prep to natural nails to dehydrate the nail plate.

2. For best results, follow with a layer of HNC Gel Polish-Primer and allow product to dry for approximately 10 seconds (product will remain slightly tacky).

3. Apply a thin, even layer of the HNC Base Gel Polish which starting at the cuticle and extending toward the tip of the nail. Cover entire nail bed being careful to avoid running the gel into the cuticle area.

4. If desired, repeat gel addition for additional strength.

5. Place nails into the appropriate light and cure as indicated:
HNC LED Gel Lamp, 30 seconds for each layer

6- Next, depending on the requirement, apply 2-3 thin and even layers of HNC Colour Gel Polish for perfect result. Curing each layer for 30seconds under HNC LED Gel Lamp.

7- Apply a thin layer of the HNC Top Gel Polish to the nail being careful to avoid running the gel into the cuticles. Curing the top layer under HNC LED Gel Lamp for 60 seconds to finish the application process and seal nails. Product should be completely cured with no tacky residue.

How to remove:

1-Buffer Top layer by 150/180 grit nail file.

2- Saturate a cotton pad with HNC Gel Polish Remover, then place on nail and cover with foil. Wait for 10-15 minutes.

3- Open the foil, remove the residue by pusher.

4- Use fine foam to buffer the nail lightly. Use HNC Cuticle Oil to massage the nail and cuticle.

5- Repeat soaking(step 3-4 again) until gel is completely removed.

  Di-Hema Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, HEMA, Hydroxypropyl methacrylate, Hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone,




  Remove as instructed: prying gels off of the natural nails will result in nail damage.

Please notice to apply a thin, even layer of the HNC Gel Polish.

If the gel is applied too thick, it might cause burning when curing under gel lamps.

For external use only.

Using the Primer carefully, avoid contact to eyes or ingestion. Keep the cap locked after using.

Keep away from heat and open flame, keep out of reach of children, and avoid direct sunlight.




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