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Advances to the international Educators from the basic nail artist.
Promotes the self-skill and the self-value.
The development opportunities is broader! Obtains the resources to be more!

The justnail professional education system introduction:

1. We cultivate the Nail Artist (Basic/ Advance), the shopkeeper, the Educator (Basic/ Master/ international).

2. You will have the opportunity to go to Nails contract system's Sharon to work.

3. You will have the opportunity to participate in the justnail international technological exchange (we have business agent in China, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, and France. We will have mutually exchange opportunity in the future).

Basic Nail Artist:

You must obtain four Basic technical certificates--Basic Nature Care, Basic Acrylic Nail, Basic Nail Art, Basic Gel Nail.

Advance Nail Artist:

Advance Technical Certificate: Advance Nature Care, Advance French Acrylicl, Advance Nail Art, Advance Gel Nail, Advance Design Acrylicl, Advance Air Brush ,and File Machine.

Nail Educator:

If you obtain 3 advance technical certificates, and the teaching skill certificate, to produce the character and scholarship certificate again, namely has the opportunity to be the teaching assistant in the education center.

Master Educator:

If you has 5 above technical certificates, and the teaching skill certificate, produces the character and scholarship certificate, and has the competition to experience, you will have the opportunity to be the Advance Educator, you may be the lecturer in the education center, and you will have the opportunity to become the practice judge of justnail international competition.


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