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Technical Certificate(4): Basic Nature Care / Basic Acrylic Nail / Basic Nail Art / Basic Gel Nail

Basic Nature Care

工具材料介紹。Products introduction.
指甲病理學。Nail pathology.
手部基礎保養。Hand foundation maintenance.
足部基礎保養。Foot foundation maintenance.

Basic Acrylic Nail

產品介紹。Products introduction.
水晶指甲特性說明。Arcylic nail's characteristic explanation.
舖粉技巧。How to use arcylic powder and liquid?
半甲水晶操作。Steps to half-acrylic nail application.
拋磨技巧。How to use nail file and shining buffer?
卸甲操作。Steps to remove the arcylic nail operation.
修補指導。Steps to patch the arcylic nail operation
紙模修剪。How to fix nail form?
全甲水晶操作。Steps to acrylic nail application.

Basic Nail Art

產品的認識與使用方法。Products introduction.
指甲油上色技巧。How to use nail polish?
稀釋液與去光水使用方法。How to use polish thinner and remover?
指型的修型技巧。Repairs the beautiful nail shape.
Six section of pattern designs and composition (compassion, Lucky grass, Water-drop flower, Five petal point flower,. leaf, line, rose, dot)

Basic Gel Nail

工具材料介紹。Products introduction.
凝膠甲面延伸。Gel nail bridge.
真甲上色。Gel in Nature nail.
纖維甲。Ffiberglass nail.

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