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Pedicure Treatments

Y1EB34-BCallus Removal Tool

Callus Removal Tool

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  1) Soak the hand or foot to remove the hard skin in warm water for about 10~15 minutes (if the keratin is difficult to soften, it is easy to lengthen the soaking time). After the softened keratin is softened, you can use this product. (*Do not scrape strongly when the skin is dry to avoid skin injury.)
2) Gently slide the same angle of 90 degrees vertically to remove hardened keratin. (Do not use the circle and the angle of 90 degrees to avoid scratching the skin.) (*The skin itself is injured, please do not use this product.)
3) After each scraping, you can use a black push rod to push out the horny dander that has just been scraped out from the pen tube to keep the product clean.
4) If the stratum corneum is too thick or too much and cannot be completely removed at one time, it is recommended to divide it one by one or two times in one week.
5) After use, you can clean the skin again and apply the lotion to give you a perfect skin texture.




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