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Pedicure Treatments

P1QH02O'ICHE Golden Silk Face Brush

O'ICHE Golden Silk Face Brush

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Brand O'ICHE
Packing Unit Unit




This product is made of natural silk cocoon. Before using this product, please read the following information:
The silk brush have unique flavor which is the normal phenomenon. Please don't worry about the quality.
This silk brush has a unique scent, which is the scent of silk protein. Please feel comfortable to use the product.
The brush filaments may turn messy, tangled, and hard after use. Soak it with warm water to regain filaments softness before next use.
After use, rinse the brush with clean water and absorb remaining water with dry cloth or towel. Place the brush in dry, well-ventilated area to prevent it from getting mildewed.Gently brush your skin in one direction with the flat side of the product.
Replace a new brush when its turns pale. 應為Replace a new brush when it turns pale.
  Steps to apply:
1) Wet your face with warm water then dry your face gently with towel.
2) Soak the brush in 40~50 ℃ warm water for 30 seconds.
3) Take out the brush from water, drain it slightly.
4) Gently brush your facial skin (avoid eyes and lips) in one direction for skin cleansing and exfoliation.
5) After use, immerse the brush in clean water and swirl it to remove dirt and skin debris
6) Repeat step 4 and step 5 around 3 times until the brush is cleaned.
7) Rinse the brush with running water, then wrap bristles with dry towel to absorb remaining water.
8) Leave the brush to dry in a shaded and well-ventilated place.
  Materials: 100% pure and natural golden silk cocoon
Dimensions: 5x2.5x14cm
Weight: Approximately 17g






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