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Pedicure Treatments

Y1HD07EFoot Massager

Foot Massager

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Packing Unit set




Wireless remote control + SPA water column impact + vibration massage + warm +37-47 degrees water temperature control + ozone + soft bubble massage + magnetic massage + foot massage roller + timing 10-60 minutes
  1. Wireless remote control: enjoy the top SPA foot bath function, considerate the intimate design of the elderly, do not need to bend over, using only one finger to control it.

2. the microcomputer technology control panel: LED digital display of the current water temperature and timer.

3. 35-47 degrees water temperature free regulation: the use of safe and fast quartz heating tube, cold water heating to 47 degrees hot water only about 15 minutes, with a temperature control switch, water temperature will always maintain the degrees you setted. (Note: Do not add hot water and avoid water on the operation panel to avoid machine failure)

4. this year's most IN high-grade type: experts say that the feet should be soaked into the calf, the effect is significant, the height of the machine is 34 cm, can be soaked into the calf, allowing you to quickly perspire, is the wonderful foot machine that you should have.

5. Easy to move: With four pulleys, it is easy to move, and the front wheels can be fixed to prevent sliding.

6. health fumigation: with filter ball can be loaded with Chinese medicine, flower tea, powder can strengthen the foot care function

7. SPA water column impact: It has a filtering device and a convenient drain device to facilitate water exchange and cleaning. The unique filtering external water pipe can stimulate the knee part and truly enjoy the fun of SPA.

8. This product has a number of safety devices, and insured the first product 10 million insurance, safe and secure.

9. Leading the good quality of industry , electric inspection font number: R35812, safe and secure use of more assured!
  Accessories: remote control, anti-water cover
Size: 48*40.3*37cm
Capacity: 13 liters
Power: 1100 watts
Place of Origin: China Export to Taiwan Quality Inspection
Electric inspection font number: R35812


● Do not heat directly with warm water. Please use normal temperature cold water for heating.

● After plugging in the power, please press the warming motor to start, then press the cooling temperature (the original set temperature is 45 degrees, and then start the motor and then press the cooling button or the temperature rising button with the demand)




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